Just before we left for our recent trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s, Zach finished up a birch bark canoe for a contest being held at the Central Canada Outdoor Show. He carefully cut out the pattern, I helped steam it over a pot of boiling water to shape it, he made holes along the edges and then purposefully sewed it together with raffia.  First prize was a kayak. Since we were leaving before the show we weren’t sure how to get his canoe there. I made some calls and couldn’t get in touch with anyone right before we were leaving. Besides, I wasn’t going to make a trip into the city just to drop off the canoe – especially with a 3 plus hour trip ahead of us. Anyway, we took the canoe and Auntie Joanna, who was at Grandpa and Grandma’s and heading to the city the next day, took the canoe. Everyone thought it was so beautiful – he had to enter. Joanna dropped it off with a friend of ours who kindly dropped it off at the contest. Fast forward a week and a bit to today. We were heading into the city so I started calling around to find out where I could pick up his lovely canoe. Nobody knew. Finally, one helpful man at the store that sponsored the contest tracked down the whereabouts of the canoe – in the trash with all boats that were not picked up on Monday! As you can imagine, Zach is quite disappointed and so am I. I can’t fathom looking at that – obviously carefully and meticulously crafted by a seven year old! – and tossing it. To top it off, it had an entry form attached with all contact details. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m disappointed too. Oh well.

So if that wasn’t enough for one seven year old to bear, we ate out at their favorite restaurant today – Montana’s. I wasn’t planning to eat out, but it just seemed to be the smart thing to do at the time. (I don’t think we’ve eaten out since the great ice tea event in November.) There is no question about what we will order when we go there. It’s always bruschetta. So when the waitress came to take our order Ben started, “I will have…… no [to Mommy], I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to her…… [back to the waitress] I will have one bruschetta.” “Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t have it anymore. We just changed our menus today.” It was devastating to Zach and he even started crying! Ok… I didn’t think it was that horrible. The canoe…. I can understand the tears. But bruschetta? I guess when you only like the taste of six things (slight exaggeration) it’s a big deal. And he was already grieving the loss of his finely crafted boat. On the whole our trip was a success. It’s funny how many stares and comments I get shopping and eating out (or anything else for that matter) with four little kids. It’s also funny how everyone thinks it’s such a big family and I feel like it’s small. Often (even when Graeme’s home) we’ll all be in a room together and I look around to see who is missing because it feels like someone is….. but we’re all there. This line of thought could lead into a whole other blog post…… but I have two boys still sleeping in the van and one who wants to build a cardboard model of a home he’s designed. Must go.


Working on the canoe. Unfortunately, in the midst of packing, traveling, etc. we didn’t get a picture of the finished product. I know you would agree it was beautiful. I was looking forward to it becoming a part of the decor of the house.




The last two shots are some snow sculpting we attempted last week at Mom and Dad’s. It was small scale and we did it up on the straw bales so the dogs (or at least our dog) wouldn’t destroy them. It’s a project that either this winter or next will are going to attempt on a larger scale.

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4 Responses to Disappointment

  1. Donna says:

    I am so sorry for Zak’s loss. I do know that God uses all suffering for the good of his children. I am not sure what the good is but ..I am sure something good will come from his tears.
    I also left for a trip with a messy house. The good thing that came from that suffering was i learned I WILL NEVER LEAVE A MESSY HOUSE BEFORE A TRIP. It took forever to catch up.
    Brad and David are in camp now. They supposedly visited Josh. I wish I could be there. It was a year ago that we visited you and did the sleepovers…time fly’s..Now I will be 41 and the kids are 14,12,9, and 6. time fly’s.
    Love and miss you guys so much…

  2. grandma betty says:

    Dear Zach—I am very disappointed for you about the canoe—so sorry to hear that someone did not treasure it as much as you did—bummer about Montanas too—but restaurants do that kind of thing–just as soon as you memorize the menu, your favourite thing is gone. Hope the rest of your spring is happier for you—see you in 4 weeks—love me

  3. leeanna says:

    I am so sorry about you canoe Zak, I am sure it was beautiful craftmanship. The girls and I are sorry that it did not work out to come and visit but we are excited that we may have a chance to come in April. Miss you all tons:)

    Leeanna, Autumn, Julie and Jayda

  4. Daniel says:

    ACK!! When I talked to them on the phone they didn’t say to pick it or they’d THROW IT OUT!!! ANIMALS!

    Sorry Zach…. they knew you folks were out of town. Shame.

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