Home Sweet Upside-down Completely Chaotic Home

Well, I left the house in a mess over a week ago, and arriving home from a trip is always another mess. A mess on top of a mess plus the mess the kids make while I’m trying to get a handle on the other messes. A mess on a mess on a mess on a ……. you get the point. I set Zach to water plants, Gabe to cleaning a bathroom (which I was quite involved in), and myself to tackling everything else.

Between bad colds, teething baby, and lots of traveling, the trip went well. I enjoyed my time in Winnipeg, but of course, I missed my big boys. I had a big shopping list, but Noah saved me money by being miserable. I thought it was finally time to do something about my pathetic wardrobe (if I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband jokes about signing me up for the TV show “What Not to Wear”). Now, just to be clear, I’m not looking for a trendy, “cool” upgrade to my wardrobe. I’d just like a pair of jeans without holes, and maybe some sweatpants that aren’t so drafty in the butt. I got as far as spending a gift certificate from my mom. It was there, in that first store, that Noah woke up in the stroller screaming and would only stop when I was holding him (and start again if I even motioned toward setting him down). Hard to try on clothes like that. Hard to do much like that. Oh well. I hate shopping anyway. I had other things on my list, too, that will just have to wait until next time. I could have dragged Noah around to MEC and Costco, but I felt too sorry for him to do that. Graeme got my hopes up by saying he would likely be done early and we could go shopping together. He got “home” at 7:30pm. Ahhh…. yes…. now I remember. This is why I moved away in the first place! In the meantime, I enjoyed my time alone with Noah in our friends’ beautiful home. The next day was a visiting day. I left the house at 7:30am and got to Graeme’s apartment at 5:30pm. Noah, still having a tough time because of teeth, was a trooper. We risked stretching his day a little longer and went out for supper, which was a nice treat.

The trip back to my big boys went smoothly. We spent one more night and then headed home, arriving here yesterday evening. The trip went well. There was a fair amount of screaming towards the end, but there was no way I was stopping. We pulled in just as the sun was setting. Everything was in good order here. The cat was happy to see us. The boys were happy to be home. So was I.

I am thankful for parents who watch my kids, for wonderful friends, for my husband and my boys, for a Grandma (and Grandpa – he helped) who makes us gnocchi , for neighbors who give my cat water, for a sister who delivered Zach’s birch bark canoe to a friend’s, for said friend delivering birch bark canoe to the contest (too bad he didn’t win that kayak!), for a lovely home, and for safe travels. Goodnight.

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3 Responses to Home Sweet Upside-down Completely Chaotic Home

  1. el burro says:

    I loved seeing you Ang, and getting a chance to meet Noah. I’m really looking forward to the possibility of a coffee vist next time! Glad to hear that you’re home, safe and sound.

  2. Angie says:

    I loved seeing you too. A coffee visit is high priority next time!

  3. Robyn says:

    Glad to hear everything is well at home. Thanks for making time to visit here too. 🙂

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