A Whole Bunch of Stuff

Ben loves to help out by feeding his little brother.

We recently cleared out the “art gallery” and have started hanging new art. Really, the whole house is a gallery of home-spun arts and crafts, but the hallway is specifically our gallery. We have plans to paint both walls with magnetic paint for easy hanging of artwork. Additionally, we’ll back a few frames with magnetic sheeting to display masterpieces!

The butterfly coloring pages are from real photographs from this site. I asked for, and was granted, permission to share the following PDFs I created for symmetry/grid/art projects using their photographs. Click on the pictures to download the PDF. I’m eager to see how this works, because it is the first time I have used Skitch for uploading/downloading PDF files.




The boys are tracking the weather with a simple bar graph representing sun, cloud, snow, rain, and with a line graph monitoring temperature highs and lows.

temperature line graphtemperature line graph2
The above two pages go together to make one continuous temperature graph for an entire month. You could also “fill” the thermometers, using more as a bar graph.
weather graph



I got the idea of a “container” graph from Anno’s Math Games. It seemed to make sense to the littler ones when thinking of a graph as “filling a container”. Zach is making use of them for plant growth. The PDF files are at the bottom of this post.



In our study of Sudan, we’ve been really enjoying this book, Bold Believers in Sudan: A Link International Activity Book, that we ordered from VOMBooks.com. It is the perfect compliment to our usual resources – Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, Book of Peoples of the World (National Geographic), and other online resources. The Bold Believers Series is available for a lot of different countries. Having previewed this one I can say that I will certainly be ordering more as we learn about other countries.

It is really incredible all the things you can learn about while “teaching” or rather, learning with, children seven years and under! Tomorrow we are going to start learning about the acacia tree and gum arabic, a Sudanese export. (I found a company website with a wealth of information about acacia growth, harvesting, etc.) Today Zach was learning how to do Google Image searches, finding a variety of animal species that live in Sudan. He had to drag the images to a desktop file. Once they are all collected we will be making our own little Field Guide to Sudan. Zach made the pie graph, below, in Adobe Illustrator today – with some instruction and some assistance with the typing (because his was very slow and he’d already done the online searches himself!) However, this gave him incentive to eagerly attack his typing lesson – looking forward to being a faster typer. We were also brought to tears discussing The Lost Boys of Natinga. This just skims the surface of what we have learned or have yet to learn! It’s fun and I’m glad I get to do this!


A few more downloads

blank beaker graph
Blank “container” graph
button graph
Button “container” graph. Do you have a jar of miscellaneous buttons that can be counted and charted?
tens beaker graph
Blank “container” graph – Tens and Ones
If you find any of these files useful, please let me know. I’m not going to spend the time uploading and linking if they aren’t of any use! But if you DO like them and let me know, I’ll keep them coming when I have the time.
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3 Responses to A Whole Bunch of Stuff

  1. el burro says:

    I liked the look of the graphs a lot, and would have printed out the weather one immediately if my printer had any ink in it.

  2. heather says:

    If you decide to upload, I’ll definately use the graphs. I haven’t really worked with mine too much w/ graphing. These look like a great tool.

  3. Robyn says:

    Hey, i read this a lot but never have time to comment. Looking forward to seeing you too! Keep me posted what day works for you.

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