Dog Sledding: Day 3

Jaska’s harness arrived in the mail near the end of last week. It was fairly simple for me to get out on Saturday and Sunday to introduce him to pulling. Graeme was home. But I am determined to get out there nearly every day. Even if it’s just for ten minutes. That’s what I just finished doing. The two little boys are napping. The big boys are playing nicely. I instructed them, as always, “only call me if it’s an e-mer-gen-cy“. Poor Jaska. When he saw the harness come out today he was very reluctant to approach me (it scared him the first day when he pulled an empty plastic sled that made a lot of noise on the hard, crusty snow), but once he was harnessed up he did great. In fact, the improvement from day one – only a couple of days ago – to today is amazing. I took him to the trail head by our house. There is a gentle downhill grade. I hopped in a kids sled and hollered, “Alright! Let’s Go!” And he did! It was fun. I stopped him at the bottom to turn around to do it again. It’s too bad I couldn’t have kept going, because turning around seemed to confuse him just when he was on a roll. Oh well. Day three and very encouraging. I think I’ll put a kid behind him for the next training session.

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