Avocados and Other Plants

We didn’t have success the last time we tried growing avocados, but following the same instructions, we now have four avocado trees growing.

This is one of them. Since the pits were put in soil they’ve shot up incredibly!

Our grapefruit tree continues to do well. The boys do a leaf count every now and then, and it is always with great excitement that they announce each new leaf!

lemon or grapefruit?
This is either a lemon or grapefruit tree. Zach planted several of each in among the norway spruce tray, but we don’t remember which he planted where.

The Norway Spruce continue to grow, but very, very slowly.

As I publish this, Zach is labeling each individual plant by name and number (i.e. norway spruce 1, norway spruce 2, etc.) so that he can track their growth on a chart.

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One Response to Avocados and Other Plants

  1. Paisley says:

    safeway has real venus fly trap plants on sale right now (or did a few days ago). TRES cool. I seem to remember one of your boys being fascinated by them? just thought you might like to add one to your plant collection.

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