A Full, Fun Day: Part I

It was a beautiful day. Last night we looked through some survival kits from Grandma for the first time. The big boys both had hand held, folding saws in their kits. They were eager to try them out this morning. Ben was patiently waiting for a turn to borrow one.

Here’s Gabe going at his branch. They cut off quite a few dead branches in an area that we had started to prune last summer.

Jaska got in on the action, too, and was biting off any small branches he could.

Ben…. still waiting.

At last he got his turn.


Back inside, Toby was pleased with himself when he worked his way over to the fireplace and started playing with the poker. Through a series of weight shifts, wiggles, and thrusts, he is managing to get around a surprising amount. He is also very close to crawling. Today he was on all fours rocking back and forth. When he’s in his excersaucer he jumps it across the floor, too, and gets into trouble. Today he pulled over an end table on himself and was as happy as could be, drumming away on its surface.

Ben is into looking at photos, but the poor guy doesn’t have many of himself in albums yet! He asks over and over, “Is that one me? is that one me?” They’re all of Gabe and Zach. I’m going to pick up album pages tomorrow and get his pictures in albums. He is also into asking for “that silly book” – The Book of Zach, Gabe, and Ben – “the one where we do silly things”.

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