Birch Bark Basket

We made this today. It was fun. Zach was ultra impressed. “I didn’t think our first basket would turn out this great!” I have to admit – neither did I.


(And check out Ben’s shirt……..Gabe’s art…. gulper eel gulping an angler fish! Gabe is wearing one with a drawing by Zach, though you can’t really see it.)
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3 Responses to Birch Bark Basket

  1. el burro says:

    Was it made out of birch bark or brown construction paper?I’m hoping you’ll say paper, because we don’t have much bark…

  2. el burro says:

    I just read the title of the post. I guess I got my answer!

  3. Angie says:

    I realize now that we actually made it inside-out, kinda. You can really tell it’s birch bark by the inside. Oh well. Next time. We have lots of birch bark because of all the birch firewood. Plus, the previous owners boys had collected lots over the years and then never used it. If your kids are desperate to make a birch bark basket I could either bring some whenever it is I have to go to the city with Noah, or I could mail a little package of supplies. Let me know.

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