False Alarm

Well, nobody else got sick last night. By the time I actually went to bed I was already feeling better. Completely psychological illness, I guess. Well, I could have been achy just because I’m way too out of shape and was over tired. Now I’m wondering what triggered Zach’s bout. Is it preposterous to think it could be related to some intense, unblinking concentration at a computer screen and learning how to use some complex software? He began learning how to use Adobe Illustrator just before supper. When he sat down to eat he commented that he just realized he hadn’t blinked for a long time. A little later he said his eyes still hurt and “felt weird”. I observed that he didn’t eat a lot of stew and dumplings, a favourite meal. Shortly after that he got sick. Ever heard of such a thing?

He wants to continue Illustrator lessons today, but just in case, we’ll keep them short and under close observation from me to make sure he relaxes and blinks!

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