Bread and Cave Trolls

A new game from Grandma S. – What’s Gnu?

The bread making Ben.


DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0015.JPG


My littlest brother was here all week. He came up to finish cutting up our firewood, for which I am very grateful! Now Graeme won’t have to spend the next several weekend he is home doing that. The boys were happy to have an uncle around, especially one who is so good at playing Defend the Castle, Fight the Cave Troll, etc. etc.

Over a few nights at the end of the holidays, Graeme watched the first Lord of the Rings movie with Z – The Fellowship of the Ring. Zach thoroughly enjoyed it. They started reading Two Towers and when they are finished that they’ll watch the next movie together. The funny thing about this is that I hear Gabe and Ben telling people detailed accounts of the movie! (Which they haven’t seen.) But Zach does such a lively retelling for his brothers that you would think they had all seen it! Needless to say, there is a lot of orc, troll, and balrog fighting going on around here.

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  1. el burro says:

    I love the little curled toes shot…

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