Where to Begin? Part 1

G just left to go back to go back to his humble abode and the hospital. I did a little moping while he was heading out the door, but quickly (so far) snapped out of it and back into “just me” mode. There’s no point in feeling sorry for myself for long. It won’t get me anywhere. Somehow, his leaving also pops me back into blog mode. So now I’ll attempt to do a condensed catch up of the last couple of weeks.

The day before G got home we had over night guests (above). A very full house of little cuties! It was great to see a childhood friend, his wife, and their beautiful little brood. This brought us to Ben’s birthday, and the day we hoped G would get home. He was delayed a day due to bad driving conditions.

Ben enjoyed trying out his new skis and headlight from Grandma. Lucky for him Grandma had presents here for him. I didn’t get anywhere near finishing his Puss in Boots boots that I was planning to sew him for a present. The pieces are still sitting in a pile awaiting assembly. The second picture is Ben enjoying pouting over his birthday supper request: porridge. He was quite adamant about wanting it, but then barely ate any. I have since (just yesterday) made the connection between his loss of appetite and miserable moods with drinking cow milk – thanks to G pointing out the similarities between Ben and Zach when Zach had to be taken off dairy as a toddler. I feel bad about not figuring it out sooner, especially since I already knew he couldn’t have it when he was younger, and with the family history. But the affects were more obvious when he was a babe. Since he has not obviously reacted to the odd cow dairy product here and there I thought he’d outgrown it, but he’s been having a lot more over the last few weeks. The poor kid was starting to look malnourished and was miserable (which I attributed to all the molars he’s cutting). Within a day of having no cow milk his moods have picked right up, along with his appetite, and peeing on the toilet!


The rum balls cheered him up a little. (Bad Mommy didn’t get around to making his birthday cake. Yes, I’m terrible!) While I’m thinking of the rum balls I should mention that Zach was quite concerned about eating them. I had to calculate out the total rum in the recipe divided by the number of rum balls. Since each ball contained less than half a teaspoon of rum he decided to eat them. They were a hit.

Paisley joined us for supper and snapped this shot of me with my crew.

Like how they clean up after baking a cake? (A day late.)


The final product…. it was another exercise in “letting go” for me, while Z and G helped decorate. In fact, it was an exercise in letting go for Z too. Because, of course, G’s decorating skills weren’t up to his standards. He complained about the brown colour of icing I came up with too. I have to admit, it was a little disgusting looking, but it all tasted the same.

We had some warm days and built a giant snow man. I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo of it, though. Within minutes of the boys coming inside Jaska (dog) had in completely and utterly destroyed. I’m talking no-trace-that-it-ever-existed destroyed.


No post would be complete without a mess-faced baby.

Trying to attract chickadees to land on their hands.

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