The Line Up

benji.JPGDSC_0057.JPG gabe with swpot.JPGzak.JPG

Ok….. I think this is EEEASY, but let’s see. I tried to find pictures of them all around the same age and all eating, but I had some trouble with that. I looked through albums and on CDs and then I gave up.

So much for my vow that I would never end up with a box of mixed up photos like my parents!

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8 Responses to The Line Up

  1. el burro says:

    Okay, here goes, clockwise, starting from top left. Benjamin, Noah, Zachary, Gabriel? I do love a good test. Haven’t had many since my university days….

  2. Angela says:

    I just thought…. you could have cheated by clicking the flickr link and seeing the file names. 🙂

  3. megtroy says:

    Ben was the only one I was a little stumped on, but process of elimination… I never did see him much as a baby. Zach’s is very obvious!

  4. el burro says:

    Oh, I should have thought of that! Here’s how I figured it out…Noah was easy, from previous post. Ben seemed pretty obvious too…he still has the same face..maybe b/c he’s not much older now than in the pic. Which left the bottom two, and I did guess on those, but not so much, b/c Gabe’s eyes stared out at me from his baby face.
    When you look at those 4 baby boys lined up like that, do you get a rush of emotion? They’re quite the happy, healthy bundle of humanity aren’t they? You’re doing an amazing job.

  5. Angela says:

    A giveaway for Ben (if you know in the first place that it was Ben who had it) is the big V on his forehead! It’s faded now and only appears when he is really cold. (Just like the one I had that still appeared when I was cold until I was about 12!)

    I definitely see Gabe’s eyes staring out of that face too!

    Zach looks like Zach.

    Yes…. I do get a rush of emotion. As I was going through albums to find suitable pictures I felt a lot of nostalgia. It’s already hard to believe that Zach was once that age.

  6. Cathy says:

    I must read your blog too much….even I guessed the kids right.

  7. grandma betty says:

    NO FAIR!!!!!! Ben and Noah look tooooo much alike!!!!!!!see ya soon—ma—did graeme get home ok?????

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