Stages, Phases, and Passing Memories

Gabe's Dinosaurs

When we moved into this house a little over a year ago Zach and Gabe were in a fighting phase. Although they played great together a lot of the time, they did a lot of bickering, they wanted whatever the other one had, they were annoyed easily by each other. Now, don’t get me wrong – they still fight. But Gabriel and Benjamin are so busy butting heads these days that Zach and Gabe don’t as much. Zach seems to have filled a different role for Gabriel these days – more a mentor/teacher role. At meals Gabe wants to sit next to him (at least when Daddy isn’t here), and he is constantly asking Zach to give him another art lesson. Lately, the subject has been dinosaurs. I am impressed at Zach’s teaching skills too. He is gentle, encouraging, and very positive. During today’s lesson he instructed Gabe, gave him pointers, while demonstrating on his own paper, and Gabriel produced the above drawing.

I had been under the impression that Gabe’s art is not, um, to use a term we are not supposed to use in art – as good – as Zach’s was at the same age. That is until I was sorting through artwork the other day and found some dated ones. “Zach Nov. 2005“. Wow…. Gabriel’s art is impressive and strikingly similar. The biggest difference is that Gabriel uses a lot more colour, and he fills the page. And wow, has Zach ever come a long way in two years! Looking at Zach’s art now I wouldn’t even have imagined he was drawing so much more simply at five. Coincidentally (or not), that is when we started working our way through Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes. Funny how I can forget these things in such a short time. All the more reason to keep records. I’ve since been marking dates on the backs of a lot more artwork!

Soon enough, Noah will be crawling around and poking into everything Ben is doing. I wonder…. once they are busy butting heads and squabbling over every little thing, will Gabriel be giving art lessons to his adoring little brother, Ben?

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One Response to Stages, Phases, and Passing Memories

  1. el burro says:

    It’s interesting what we remember, and what we forget. My big kids are so big now, and so helpful, and (mostly) well-behaved, that I have to force myself to remember that they weren’t always this way, especially when I get frustrated with the younger two.

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