Vasovagal Boy


Gabriel is checking his lemurs heart rate after the lemur “passed out”, but after Gabe’s own incident today (which is likely where the fainting lemur idea came from) I doubt he will follow the path to becoming a doctor – for people or animal. But then again…. you just never know.

Noah, Ben, and Gabe all had an appointment to see our doctor today. Noah was due for a check-up. Ben and Gabe needed some vaccinations to get them up to date. Gabe went first. He had two – one in each arm. He was very brave and only winced and said “owww” for the more painful MMR. Next up was Ben, who the whole time was saying, “I don’t want my needle. I don’t want to have it.” He only got the MMR and handled it very well. Big brothers Zach and Gabe watched intently. Dr. S. left the room to get suckers. On her return Gabe stumbled backward, off balance, and I grabbed a hold on him to stop him from falling and stepping on Noah. We got him sitting on a stool and he looked very pale. Dr. S. asked if he was dizzy and he said yes. Next thing we knew (and there are a few sketchy details here for me) he was standing up, falling backward, arched back, eyes rolled back, and moaning. His arms flailed a bit while Dr. S. caught him and lifted him to the table. My first thought was “seizure”, but it turned out to be a vasovagal reaction. Probably from watching his brother get his needle. Or maybe the combination of it all. He was kind of out of it for a bit, still looking quite pale, when he threw up. After that his colour started returning, but he was very wiped out for a while. Once I realized it wasn’t a seizure I felt ok, though still pretty shaken. Zach was crying. Noah head dived onto the floor and started crying. Ben was just demanding a new sucker after his fell on the floor and I threw it out. We waited it out in our doctor’s office for quite a while afterwards just to be sure. She checked in on us in between other patients. By the end Gabe was enjoying his sucker, looking healthy, and reading things to me out of National Geographic.

After that we all felt emotionally drained so we decided to just drop off library books, skip groceries, and head home. I stopped at our post office to pick up a parcel, and Zach was worried about me running in. He was keeping close tabs on Gabe, who was sleeping by this point. I told him if anything happened to unbuckle and lay on the horn. Once home I had to carry sleeping Ben and Noah in first (before sleeping Gabe), and Zach said, “I think someone should stay with Gabe”. He got back in the van and waited with him until I carried the others in. He is a compassionate and caring boy, that one!

The rest of our afternoon was uneventful, except that Ben had a poop on the toilet! Otherwise, I only felt like hanging out with my boys, and being thankful for how healthy they are and how mild our occurrence this afternoon was – even though it was scary at the time.

New topics the boys want to learn about:

How do stethoscopes work? – Gabe

Vasovagal reactions – Zach

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7 Responses to Vasovagal Boy

  1. el burro says:

    My heart was pounding when I read what happened. I can only imagine how frightening that must have been for you, and how long it must have taken to “come down” from that experience. Little glimpses of terrifying possibilities really do put things into perspective, don’t they?

  2. el burro says:

    Oh, I forgot, in case you try to look it up….it’s vaso vagal. Medical jargon for “faint”.

  3. Angela says:

    Thanks for the spell check. I did look it up quickly on google my way and it popped up right away so I assumed I was right! Computer spell check marks stuff like that wrong even when it is right so that isn’t helpful! Anyway…. thanks….. that helps. I’ll be finding info. for Zach tomorrow.

    Yes, puts things into perspective for sure…….

  4. Rhonda says:

    yikes. glad you are all ok after such an event, and that it was nothnig more serious! and yay for ben…i didn’t miss that little footnote at the end. 🙂

  5. Meagan says:

    Yikes, so glad to hear that it wasn’t something more serious for Gabe. I would have been crying right along with Zach!
    Hooray for the poop too! How I long for those days…

  6. Joanna says:

    Zach is sooo cute! I have some info in some of my text about vagal response, and the cranial nerve stuff to go along with it…Zach might find that interesting considering it’s in the brain “just like Daddy does”! I’ll try to bring some stuff to show him Thursday.

  7. grandma betty says:

    pesky genetics will always win out—glad he is feeling ok now==can hardly wait to see everyone—-grandma

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