Prepare to be Inundated with Photos!

I can’t help it. It’s so much fun. It’s so beautiful. I feel like a kid on my snow castle. We’ve built a fortress. Gabe is king. Zach keeps saying, “Mommy, this is my best winter ever.” The dog loves it. The cats love it. The sun is shining. We’re all happy. I’ll try to control myself and only post a fraction of the photos I’ve taken today. (If you really want to see them all you can click your way to Flickr.)


That is not an unconscious person in the trees on the left. It’s my jacket.






Ben’s butt. He’s inspecting the work Zach has done so far on the quinzee.

Jaska, clearly over his embarrassing ordeal I put him through yesterday, considers himself king of the hill. Yet, he’s too chicken a king to chase the cat off. He fears those claws.  (I think I’m going to force him to wear his geeky vest for a few minutes every day.  It might help him get used to wearing his harness – for pulling – that he’s going to start learning to use soon.)


Ben plays with Noah.


Ben has a snack.


Ben has a melt down because he’s told it’s nap time. Guess what? He says, “I’m not tired!”


Stuck in the snow.


I think I see some Gabe in this shot. It’s in the eyes.

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4 Responses to Prepare to be Inundated with Photos!

  1. Cathy says:

    Dang! What a beautiful day. Wonderful sunshine. Even if the skies are clear here all we have is a couple hours of cheap sunlight. Check my blog out on wednesday. I will be posting sunrise pictures that were taken at 11:40am.

    The lack of light here in the arctic usually doesn’t bother me too much….that is until I see pics like yours, lol.

  2. Joanna says:

    Clearly I have been studying too much. I read this heading as “Prepare to be INTUBATED with photos!” ….wow, I need to get out more, and I WANT A SNOW CASTLE!!!!! 😦
    I am going to try to come out Thursday after school. No. I am coming out Thursday!!! Ha Ha. Hopefully that works for you! Let me know:) I don’t have boots though, so you’ll have to lend me a pair so I can play in the snow!!!! Love ya! see ya soon 😉

  3. David says:

    I am looking to buy a Karelian puppy in the next few months . I have 3 kids ages (1, 3, 6) and was wondering how “child safe” is the dog.

  4. Angela says:

    He’s GREAT with our kids. I will send you a more detailed email soon.

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