The No Thing

So tonight when I rubbed Ben’s back and counted to dix, he said, “Can you do the no thing?” For a moment I was perplexed. Could it be? He didn’t say, “Did you say cinq“?

“Oh”, I said, “You mean you want me to say ‘no I didn’t say cinq’?”.

“Yeah!” he grinned.


“Did you say cinq?”

“Noooo”, I said.

“Yes you did!”

Etc. etc. etc.

Another funny Ben thing was this morning when I was helping him get dressed. I was giving him a pep talk about keeping “clean and dry”. “Do you think you can keep clean and dry today? Do you want to think of something special we could do if you keep clean and dry? Is there anything you would like to do with Mommy? Any special treat?”

Ben very seriously stopped me with, “I don’t want you to talk of questions.”

He has the funniest way of phrasing things and he has a funny accent.

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