Wintery Wondery

After shoveling the van off three times this morning, I still attempted to head into the city. We were planning to meet Dan and his kids at the art gallery, followed by lunch at their place, and a couple kid-free errands for me. The weather determined otherwise. We got as far as the Odena (local grocery), from where I phoned Dan and found out the conditions were similar in town. There was short-lived sadness over disappointed plans, but after getting our groceries and talking about all the work we had ahead of us, they all recovered. People coming from the city were saying, “go home”, “turn around”. My cargo is too precious to take chances. We went home.

We did a lot of shoveling! We have a big driveway! After all the shoveling yesterday (nearly all the driveway), and the two wheel barrow loads of firewood I split, then more shoveling today….. I’m beat! I skipped my goal of “at least one a day” wheel barrow loads of firewood splitting. If I burn too many calories I’ll dry up. Noah will go hungry. (And he’s just beginning to open his mouth for other food, voluntarily, without trickery.)

I love the snow! The boys love the snow! The dog loves the snow! The cats love the snow! Winter is so beautiful. I love it again now that I’m not in the city where it all turns sooty gray and the wind never stops blowing.




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