Two Concerts in Less Than a Week!

I’ve been to TWO symphony shows in the past several days! I don’t get out much. This is very exciting! Thanks to my mom coming up on Thursday, Zach and I were able to take in a TBSO Masterworks Concert. It was a fantastic show. Here is the outline of it from the TBSO website:

Incredible works of Sibelius are presented in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Finnish Independence. Oras Ladies Choir, Otava Male Choir, Hilldale Lutheran Church Choir and the TBS Chorus join the orchestra in presenting the heartfelt Finlandia and lesser known gem, The Captive Queen. Karen Gomyo is back by popular demand for the brilliantly virtuosic and poignantly beautiful Violin Concerto. Finally one of the best-known and best-loved pieces of all time, Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony, celebrates the immigrant spirit of those who chose to move to Canada and make Thunder Bay their new home.

Zach was awed by Karen Gomyo’s performance on the violin. He figures she must be the best violin player in the world. He immediately added to his statement, “and Pierre” (his teacher)! Zach enjoyed the show until the fourth movement of the Dvorak no. 9, in which he fell asleep. After that we headed over to Auntie Joanna’s to wait for Graeme’s after midnight flight. Zach curled up in Auntie’s bed and was impossible to wake up when it was time to go, so I carried him and we just picked Grae up in front of the terminal.

Three days later we were heading to another TBSO show – this time with the whole crew, including Graeme and Grandma (Mom). This time it was one of the family series – A Musical Pirate Adventure. Unfortunately, because it was in the Art Gallery, we were not able to take pictures. It’s just as well since I forgot my camera. I wish I had it, though, to snap a shot of my three pirates who donned bandanas and painted on stubble beards and mustaches. (I would have given Noah some whiskers, too, except that I was getting carsick in the backseat from “drawing”.) The show was fantastic and my only disappointment was that I hadn’t dressed up as a pirate too!

I saw a lot of people I knew at the family show and that was cool. After years of living in Winnipeg I hardly ever ran into anyone I knew when I went out. Here I almost always see at least one person I know, and yesterday I saw lots of friends. I like that about a smaller place.

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