Piss in Boots

Ben’s speech has improved dramatically over the past few months. Most of what he says in understandable now, even to most other people outside of his family. He has a few quirky pronunciations that still make some words difficult to interpret. Once you know what they are, it’s a breeze.

Any “er”/”ar” endings get switched to an “ay” or “aye”. Think of a piratey, “Aye, Matey!”. For example, “water” becomes “watay”, “bird” is “baye-d”. Some of the funnier ones are “dark” and “shark” – “daye-k” and “shaye-k”. Like the other night when he turned out the lights in the bathroom and said, “I want ih (it) daye-k”.

At the symphony pirate show yesterday the children were encouraged to repeat things pirates would say, such as, “Swab the deck”, “land hoe”, and “Aaarrrrrrhh”. Ben’s “aaarrrrrrhhh” became “aaaayyyyyeeee” but pirate-like none-the-less.

The other little switcharoo that he does is to turn “uh” and “ue” sounds into short i (or “ih”) sounds. Last night after the pirate show we went out for dinner. I thought Ben was saying, “I just want to sit”. He was getting frustrated that I wasn’t figuring him out when Daddy came to the rescue. “I just want dissit (dessert)!” He is running around the house tonight singing, “I’m Piss in Boots, I’m Piss in Boots…….” the inspiration for my post title.

You can check out my new link to the right – MY YOUTUBE – and see my videos. I have a few new ones uploaded including “Improved Speech”.

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