Human Fossils Still Speak

Human fossils tell a story. Below are a couple of article excerpts that I hope might spark an interest in you to find out what their story is.

If one includes deliberate human burials, there are indeed more post-Flood human fossils, in fact millions of them. However, general convention is to not describe old and ancient human remains as fossils if they are from a deliberate burial. The term fossil seems to be reserved for those sad cases in which human remains have been preserved accidentally, without the trappings of burial such as coffin or jar, dug hole or built tomb, personal possessions, flowers, etc.That still leaves many hundreds of sets of human remains referred to as ‘fossils’, plus a few dozen scraps of bone regarded by secular academia as ‘ape men’ remains. In brief, the main categories of human remains and their prevalence are:
1. Pre-Flood human remains (a handful of candidates, none well-verified)
2. ‘Apeman’ bones (a few score, all highly dubious)
3. Accidental post-Flood burials/preservations (thousands)
4. Deliberate post-Flood burials/preservations (millions)

Only categories 1, 2 and 3 are regarded as ‘fossils’. To a hardened evolutionist any modern object is by definition incapable of being a fossil. One science dictionary even goes so far as to specify an age of 7000+ years as a necessary condition for something to be considered petrified, thus revealing their anti-Biblical bias.

For full discussion see When is a fossil not?

I can best illustrate the situation by describing a project I have conducted a number of times in my college apologetics classes. Each student is to do research on several assigned fossils. Only fossils that are fully accepted as legitimate by the scientific community are included.

The rules are as follows:

  1. The student is to spend a minimum of eight hours of research on each fossil.
  2. He must use only evolutionist sources.
  3. He is to determine the date the evolutionist has assigned to the fossil.
  4. He is to determine the category (australopithecine, Homo erectus, Neandertal, etc.) assigned to the fossil by evolutionists.
  5. He is to write a one-page paper outlining his findings and make copies for distribution to the class.
  6. The paper must contain at least five documented sources.

The results have become quite predictable. After the first week, a number of students come to me complaining that they cannot find any agreement among evolutionists regarding the date or the category of their fossil. I could easily have told them about this situation in a class lecture, but it wouldn’t have had the impact upon them that their own research provided. Many important hominid fossils are the subject of intense controversy among evolutionists involving the date, or the category, or both.

Read Marvin Lubenow’s article in it’s entirety.

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One Response to Human Fossils Still Speak

  1. Athiest says:

    I can pull a rabbit out of my hat. No, really! I read it in a
    book in the fiction/fantasy section right next to the most
    unbelievable book of all, that number one best-selling
    fairy tale, you know, the one about noah calmly convincing
    all the animals on his magical boat not to eat each other!
    What are you guys smoking that allows you to say with
    a straight face that you can accept fantasy after fantasy
    in that book you call the bible, but not even entertain for
    a moment any other possibilities about our history. I know
    already, because it the same convenient, automatic answer
    that I get from a brain-washed babtist lady I know. “Because
    the bible says so.” She always has the same lame answer
    for everything, but can never prove any of it! I have to go talk
    to the burning bush in my back yard, right after I turn some
    water into wine. You know, that “special”water that you can walk on. Just believe me, cause I say so. Just have faith!
    walk on.

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