Ben had to be a cat for playing restaurant. He ordered cat food.


Notice Ben’s (the cat’s) bowl in mid-fall. This is representative of real-life meals. Not unlike our trip to the city yesterday when we had lunch out. I rarely let them order anything but water at a restaurant, but this day I let them order ICE TEA! Within roughly two minutes of its arrival at the table Ben, trying to remove the lid (which was meant to stay on) dropped his cup on the floor. I was trying to figure out what to do about that while he stood on the bench, reached across the table for a crayon, and knocked Zach’s ice tea all over Zach’s lap. Very uncomfortable for Zach, and highly aggravating for me. So…. yeah… the scene above: typical.



The waiter on the far side of the table is taking the order, while “the cat” hops in and out of his chair and knocks various things off of the table.

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2 Responses to Typical

  1. megtroy says:

    This reminds me of Graham trying to help Troy make poached eggs this morning. He wanted to put the egg in the cup, and ended up crushing it in his hands instead. He’s contantly learning what’s “too hard” or “not gentle enough” when it comes to eating/drinking.

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