Reluctant Reader

Zach has been a reluctant reader. His ability to read has never excited him. Reading is hard work. When he does read he rearranges letters in his head to form different sounds. For example, if he sees a word with an s and an h in it, let’s say “has”, he will see the s and the h as sh and start sounding it out as such. (I’m sure the dyslexia gene was passed down from my side!) We have worked consistently, but gently, at reading. I have had to reassure my husband that it will come, that he will have his moment of enlightenment when he realizes what a powerful tool he has at his disposal. Secretly, I have been a little anxious for that moment. It appears to have happened. A few days ago he started reading a book on deserts. The boy who found fifteen minutes of straight reading near torture, read for over an hour in the afternoon on his own initiative. He has continued to read the book over the last couple of days, reading more than I would ever have asked of him – without being asked. He is thrilled. So am I!

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One Response to Reluctant Reader

  1. el burro says:

    I wish I had your patience and calmness about these sorts of things. I try to be like that, but end up getting a little pushy, which often just derails whatever natural learning may have been happening. I’m only slowing beginning to relax enough to let things be. Which explains all of my posts on the subject…..

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