Not Quite the Merry Men

I braved a trip to the archery range with all four boys tonight. Overall, it went well, but I won’t do it again. A movie kept Ben entertained until he decided to start acting it out. I wasn’t happy with my inability to always have everyone fully in my sight. The people were, again, very helpful. We had a scary moment (that could have happened just as easily without the two littles) when Gabe and Zach were shooting. They had set up balloons for them to pop. I was assisting Gabriel and Zach was shooting on his own. Zach let one fly and popped his balloon. In his excitement he lost all thought of safety rules, excitedly said, “I popped my balloon, Mommy”, and walked out to retrieve his arrow that had bounced off the balloon and in front of Gabriel. It so happens, Gabe was taking aim, bow string fully drawn. It all happened so fast. I yelled, “Zach!” He immediately realized his error and was horrified. He started crying and clung to me. He was very frightened and also very embarrassed. It’s a lesson he is unlikely to forget, and thankfully, his brother didn’t shoot him in the process. Yikes!

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One Response to Not Quite the Merry Men

  1. grandma betty says:

    grandad shot his brother—what’s your problem???????hope all are well and happy–I will phone this weekend about Christmas as i will be in Virginia tomorrow for an eye appt. Just flew in last night at midnight and have been non=stop with paying bills and running errands not to mention phone calls about dysfunction junctions which i will tell ya about sometime when we have lots of time and nokidlets===love you lots–grandma b

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