The Rest of the Trip

We had a good time.  We got to see some of my cousins and uncle and aunt that I haven’t seen for a long time.  I was really lazy.  The drive home was the best yet with four kids and a dog.  Noah screamed minimally.  Jaska was very good.  He’s getting to be a pretty mellow traveler.  Going away for five days really helped the last week pass quickly until Graeme was home.  This last stretch was four weeks and we usually do three.  It was getting long.  The trip sped it past.  Once home, I had one day to unpack and get “organized” and now we have Graeme!  I am very grateful for Merrie coming over yesterday evening (late) so that I didn’t have to take all the kids to the airport at midnight.

I have a lot of things I’ve been thinking about blogging about, but I just don’t seem to find time. I’d like to write about the time I did use cloth diapers with Zach when we canoed into White Otter Castle, how he was up all night, how it rained and we couldn’t dry diapers, and how it turned me off of the whole thing. Since, I’ve read that the cheap Wal-Mart prefolds are not the way to go. I’d like to blog about one of the books I’m reading right now.   But that’s all for tonight.  I’m getting up early to sell off a bunch of stuff at the “Mother’s Market” with a friend tomorrow. (Like a big indoor garage sale.) That is probably worthy of another blog post, too, considering that I’m selling off some maternity and baby stuff!  And maybe I’ll even find some cloth diapers there.  I was also planning to write a one year anniversary post for living here.  The anniversary date (Oct. 29) has come and gone and if I don’t write it soon I’ll be writing the two year anniversary post.  Well, I said that was all for tonight and now I’m rambling so I’m really going to stop.  Cheers.

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2 Responses to The Rest of the Trip

  1. el burro says:

    I’m glad you’re back! I’ve missed your posts….

  2. megtroy says:

    Happy to hear about you guys again. Glad the final pre-Graeme week passed quickly and enjoyably for you.

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