Time for a Change?

Before Zach was born I did a fair amount of reading on the whole cloth versus disposable diaper thing. I convinced myself that cloth wasn’t all that much cheaper once you considered the extra laundry, detergent, etc. And after all, doesn’t water waste and detergent contribute to environmental damage too?

Seven years, four kids later, having gone disposable is one of my few regrets. The thought of how many diapers I’ve tossed (and continue to toss) into landfills kind of sickens me. Especially every evening when I truck a load of them out to the garage to dispose of. Each week, after recycling, minimal or no shopping, and composting, I am impressed by how little garbage we produce – and that’s with two kids in diapers. Just imagine…. without diapers.

By the time Noah was born I was completely sold on the idea of cloth for financial and environmental reasons, but still told myself, “what’s the point now?” Would it still be worthwhile to invest in the supplies I need to convert? Well, I started doing a little research online tonight and I’m sure that I’m going to make the switch. Noah has at least another year and a half in diapers. If he follows Ben’s slow trek to underwear-hood, he’ll have a good two and a half years. Then if I have another baby….. well, let’s not even go there. And let’s consider Ben. Cloth diapers probably would help him move on to the toilet and underwear.

To be honest, after a little online browsing, all the options out there are a little overwhelming. How can I pick the very best diapers for my little Noah’s heiny? This is what I’m thinking. I’ll decided which type I want to use and then I’ll order a few. From there I’ll sew my own.

Now I’m asking you, my loyal readers, do any of you use cloth diapers? Share with me your expertise. What type do you use? Do you have a pattern that you love? Tell me what you know.

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9 Responses to Time for a Change?

  1. el burro says:

    Oh, I am so with you on this regret. I should have gone the cloth route too. Without diapers to throw out, we now dispose of just one garbage bag per week. For a family of 5, that’s pretty good.
    Do you have any consignment stores near you? They sometimes have lovely, well-worn, soft cloth diapers. Or what about putting an ad in a local paper?

  2. Angela says:

    Those are good ideas…. I know there is at least one consignment store in the city. I’ll check into that.

  3. bradandjenn says:

    we have gone the way of cloth diapers – and it is working out quite well. beyond the enviromental considerations – i think they are better for a baby’s bum. i agree the whole thing is super overwhelming! we ended up going on our local usedvictoria.com website and finding some good gently used cotton fitted ones. we ended up with over 100 diapers, tons of covers, linings, and a bunch of old school flat (unfitted) diapers for about $300. we figured what we don’t end up needing we can turn around and resell online. so far we are only washing diapers every 4 or 5 days – that with going through our 30 newborn sized diapers. they definitely soak through a lot faster than disposable – i can definitely see why people say that children wearing cloth ones potty train sooner! i would definitely go with looking online or at a consignment store! i couldn’t believe how much $ one could spend on diapers..and how many options there are!!! good luck! keep us posted on what you discover…

  4. bradandjenn says:

    actually i just looked back at el burro’s comment and it reminded me – we actually put an add on the used website saying we were looking for some – and a lady called with 3 boxes she was ready to take to a consignment store. so i would post your want ad too!

  5. Robyn says:

    I have really nice cloth diapers with elastic in the sides, a built in liner, and velcro. I really like them. However, since Emilie is born I haven’t been using them (I was using them for Adrienne). I’m hoping to get back into it soon…I’m giving myself until 6 wks to start all the “normal” stuff again. 🙂 Oh, I also have flushable liners that I love because you can scoop up the whole mess and flush it without having to rinse TOO much of the you-know-what with your hands.

  6. Angela says:

    Robyn! I’m so glad you emailed me about your comments not showing up. Here I thought you had been a non-reader or silent reader since Emilie was born! I looked back in my spam and found all your comments. Hopefully it won’t keep thinking you’re a spammer!

    Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions so far. I’ll look into/get back to you on it all. I’m in Dryden right now… made a very spontaneous decision to come here on Friday.

  7. Meagan says:

    I have no experience with cloth diapers.

    Just wanted to say “ha ha”, I got your clever title from this post!

  8. stacey says:

    We use cloth diapers and love it. There are a lot to choose from, so I’ll list what’s worked for us. We’ve used chinese prefolds, fitted velcro & All-In-One’s. A combo is great. We love the Kushie AIO’s because they are super convenient, even if they take more time in the dryer/hanging. They sell for about $50 for a 5 pack, which really isn’t bad. We go through about 5 diapers a day, with 1 disposable at night. We have 15-18 diapers on hand and wash every 3 days. Here are some great sites for ordering. You can actually buy good ones for the same price as you would make them 🙂
    http://www.sears.ca Kushies AIO’s & fitted velcro.
    http://www.tjskids.com Kushies AIO’s & fitted velcro.
    http://www.babybunz.com Snugglebottoms unbleached fitted velcro 6/$25-30 Fabulous site, super helpful lady sells them. I’ve referred lots of my girlfriends & they’ve had great results. We drove over the border to pick them up.
    http://www.thebabymarketplace.com (Edmonton store)
    Craigslist/Vancouver lists tons of second hand ones too.
    We also use Kushie flushable liners for poo and I serged old quickdry tshirts with flannel for liners. Bummis super whisper wrap covers are the best. 2 covers are sufficient for our 10 fitted diapers. One of my girlfriends uses prefolds with snappis and likes it. I couldn’t imagine using pins/prefolds right now ’cause my babe is too wiggly. Hope that helps!

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