Halloween Solution

(This post requires a comment in answer to the question.  You MUST answer. 🙂 )

Can you believe that I’m excited about next Halloween already?  It is rather unbelievable, considering I share the same Halloween sentiment as my friend, Petra.  (See her “I Hate Halloween” post.)  So why in the world would I be excited about this holiday one year in advance?

Even Ben knows that we don’t eat candy before breakfast.  But this morning I was awakened to a stream of boys asking, “Can I have one of my treats now?  Just one?”  First, Ben.  I think Zach was next.  Then Gabe.  All asking for treats before breakfast!  NO. NO. NO.  “Well, can we have one after breakfast?”  What?  After breakfast? NO. WAY. 

So while I was thinking of how to secretly get rid of most of the candy (they each have a mental catalogue of every item already – that they will never forget – making that option difficult), or how to ration it out over the next ten years, or SOMETHING, I came up with this plan.  I shared the plan with the boys and they love it.  All we need now are a few more like-minded parents and cooperative kids.

Next Halloween will be at our place.  Bonfire.  Maybe even starting out with a pot-luck, wiener roast supper.  Everyone can bring a plate of homemade treats.  We’ll even have a little bit of real candy.  We’ll dress up – kids and adults. (But you don’t have to.) How about a spooky walk through the forest (which the boys are already excitedly planning), games, contests, stories, and go home with a selection of homemade goodies chosen from what everyone brought along?  We’re going to try really hard to grow some giant pumpkins this year.  If we succeed, you could spot our driveway by the giant jack-o-lantern greeting you at the end of it….. a foretaste of the spooky excitement to follow.

Alright, so now the question.  Would you come?  Would your kids?  Even if you don’t live near me, answer the question.  If you could come would you opt for this.

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4 Responses to Halloween Solution

  1. Cathy says:

    Sounds like fun! We would go. I’ll bring muktuk…..lol.

  2. el burro says:

    Absolutely. Without question. L and I were talking this morning at breakfast about how much nicer it would be if we had a smaller celebration, with a few of our neighbors and friends, and if we all baked different goodies, and had those instead of the mass-produced candies. The spooky, dressup, fun part of Halloween is great. The consumeristic mania, not so much. It would be nice to have a way to have the one without the other. Good thinking!

  3. Meagan says:

    Yes, I’d go in a heartbeat (but the provinces apart thing hinder it, sadly…) 😦

  4. Angela says:

    I wish you all could come! (With the muktuk too! 😉 )

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