A Windy, Country Halloween

As is tradition the snow flies on Halloween. Only a few flakes….. so far.


Noah had some big grins for Frankenstein. On the right is Ben the Lion and Tams the Princess.


Frankenstein in the middle of two leopards. (The boys didn’t want to have costumes. I asked weeks ago to be prepared, but they all just wanted their faces painted. Easy.)


Here they are at the first house. Most of the houses left boxes outside with goodies. We only saw a couple of people.

After about six houses I picked up Noah (he was with Frankenstein and Princess’s dad), took Ben, and we headed home. We made one last stop at our neighbors and had a nice little visit there. The big boys were dropped off later and with a lot more loot. I told them they have enough candy for the next ten years so I’ll never have to take them out on Halloween again!


Remember who’s is who’s? Zach’s on the left, mine on the right. Who’s do you like better? Huh? Huh?

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