Trusting or Crazy?

“Whiskey Jack” by Zachary


This story would be better if I could quote the actual price of my camera and lens, but since Graeme doesn’t know or want to know what I paid for it, I’ll just say “my very expensive” camera. (I nannied for a summer to buy this baby!)

Zach has been frustrated by his bird photography while using a little point and shoot. So, naturally, he’s been bugging me to use my very expensive camera. I’ve let him before, but in the last couple of days I’ve let him walk off with mine to hide in a discreet place to sneak shots of birds. I repeatedly remind him things like “no running”, “support the lens”, “be VERY careful”. Zach is thrilled by this, of course.

I took this shot this evening (just before the charcoal session). He wasn’t doing his usual hide-out style of photography and he didn’t mind his brothers on each side of him. Usually, he takes it pretty seriously though and doesn’t want anyone – human or animal – disturbing the birds. Reminds me of another geek I once knew.

I just might have to start teaching him the ins and outs of SLRs. The problem is that it might ruin it for him…… he’ll always want my camera and not his!

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