The Game

It seems that whenever I suggest that we do math or reading or some other schoolish thing, I’m always interrupting “The Game”.  “OK, guys!” I chime, in my most inspirational this-will-be-fun voice, “Let’s do some reading!”  “But we’re playing a game!” or “We’re almost finished the game!” or “Don’t play the game without me!”  It doesn’t matter what time of day.  It could be before breakfast, mid-afternoon, pre-bedtime….. I’m aways interrupting The GameThe Game almost always consists of an elaborate set up of couch cushions, pillows, stones, toys, and various other articles such as ice cream scoop, whisks, dominoes, and blankets.  Simply put, The Game equals The Mess.  But The Boys seem to think the game is more interesting than The SchoolThe Mom needs to become more creative about making The Game The School without The Boys noticing.

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2 Responses to The Game

  1. el burro says:

    Ha ha haaaaaa! Hooeeee! That tickled my funny bone. On the positive side, how great for the boys that they’re part of such a wonderful tribe.

  2. Meagan says:

    you are so clever! Get them to write a story like you just did! (P.S. Ben would love making up “The Names”!

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