Does They Hass Names?

Ben is constantly asking, “what’s your name?” He isn’t asking strangers. He’s asking his brothers, his friends. At our friends’ for Thanksgiving I overheard:

Ben (to T): What’s you’re name?
T: You know my name!
Ben: Oh… what is your name?
T: You know my name, Ben! It’s T.
Ben: Oh…. what’s your name?

At this point I interjected: He likes to pretend to have a different name. He pretends to be someone or something else.

T: What’s your name, Ben?
I can’t remember now what Ben’s name was at that particular time.

In a book we read today, Ben asked if the ducks have names. Or more precisely, “Does the ducks hass names?” I said, “some ducks have names. Do you want to name these ones?” “The mom is Daisahn,” he said, “and the babies are Maisahn and Nonawn (MAY-sawn and NO-nawn)”.

It’s funny. I remember Zach at this age and younger was never “Zach”. He didn’t make up or use actual names though. He was “duckling” or “froglet” or some other creature. If I called him Zach he corrected me…. or just wouldn’t answer.

Gabe has been content to be Gabe, or whatever character he has been told to be. When he has chosen a character of his own he will still allow me to call him Gabe. No corrections. What a sweetheart.

Today Zach and Gabe played out in the rain for a long time. They were both robots fighting over territory. They both had super powers, but I was told that Gabe sucked away Zach’s powers. I’m not exactly sure how he did that, but they looked like they were having fun. I was going to do some yard work, but I opted out when it started raining. Instead, I closely monitored my robot dog who wanted to be a part of the game, but was being a little too rough. He settled down, though, and was a good boy.

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