When my blog loaded in my browser just now I noticed that I’ve had 20,000 hits – exactly – since I started this blog.  Cool!

Get ready for a few more random facts.

Moving to much lower numbers, yet still proportionally high, there are a lot of teeth cutting in this house!  Zach has been complaining of a top front tooth hurting.  My guess is that the adult tooth is moving down and his tooth will start loosening up soon.  Gabriel has been telling me that his “back teeth” hurt, and I notice he has his fingers in his mouth a lot.  Unusual for him.  Ben has two big molars rupturing.  He’s a real charm.  Noah’s bottom gums are getting puffy and white, and for the past week my fantastic sleeper hasn’t been so fantastic.   Needless to say – I’m tired!

The boys had their last soccer game tonight.  It got rained out last night and tomorrow would have been their last game, but apparently there is another big rain on its way.  Rather last minute, all the teams were notified and we rushed off for the last game and treats.  We were out visiting in the afternoon so we threw together a hasty supper and ran.  Ben hadn’t napped since I thought I could put him to be very early. Again, he was a charm. (Please, please note the sarcasm in that statement.) I returned to dishes still on the table.   With what I would call miraculous speed, all four boys were in bed – and quiet!  Yay.  Graeme called me up on the computer.  We were chatting when I thought I heard someone knocking!  What?  I had completely forgotten about a friend coming out for a visit.   (That unexpected soccer game threw me off.)   But what a nice surprise.

And now…. why am I still up?  I really must get some sleep.  If I didn’t mention it…. Graeme was home last weekend.  That was lovely and we had gorgeous weather on Saturday!  What a treat to see the sun, and especially on one of the two days he was home this month!

Jaska is extremely smelly.  I don’t know what he got into, but…. eeewwww!

I’d really love to go to the symphony tomorrow night.  It’s a piano concerto and, of course, I’d love to see my friend Merrie (principal trumpet) play.   I’m just not sure I want to leave all the kids with a sitter. The three big boys would be fine, but Noah?  I just don’t know what he’ll do.  I notice that he’s been making strange for H.  I think he’s noticed that when she is here I disappear (even though I haven’t left the yard).  So as soon as she holds him he starts getting upset and is happy as soon as I take him.  I could chance taking him to the concert, but he’s not as portable as some babies.  At least not at night. He likes to be in his bed when he’s tired.  He rarely falls asleep on me.  I remember with Zach we used to love taking him places because it was the only time he slept.  But Noah likes his bed, which for the most part is a good thing!

Well, that’s all from me for this evening.  (or morning I suppose)

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6 Responses to 20,000

  1. el burro says:

    You sound so busy Angie. It sure is hard to fit in everything that needs doing AND a full night’s sleep, even when you don’t have four teething boys on your hands. Congrats on the 20,000 hits, though, and keep up the blog, whatever else you have to drop. I love it!

  2. jenn says:

    You quite amaze me, Angie – all you do in a day! It is inspirational! Especially as I am only starting out with the one…how do you do it with 4?!?! :O)

  3. kindnotes says:

    Congrats on the 20,000 hits!

  4. el burro says:

    Newborns are equal to at least four older kids, I think.

  5. Angela says:

    I agree. Newborns (and five month olds!) are SO time consuming. But Noah is already easier than a newborn. He’s distractable! Yet I keep wondering if I’ll ever stop feeling like this, but then I remind myself that I did have a short period in between Ben’s babyhood and Noah where I started to feel like “this isn’t so tough”.

    How do I do it with four? I have days like today in which I feel like sending myself to my room and crying loudly. (That’s been happening a lot here today, but so far, it hasn’t been me!) Isn’t it a good thing we (usually) get them one at a time?

  6. el burro says:

    And to think that I once thought it would be fun to have twins…..

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