Shuttle, George, and Bailey

The kittens all have homes. Bailey was the first to leave us and go to his new home. George went next, rather unexpectedly. We had friends over for a visit and they took him home! Zach is thrilled that they both went to homes where we know the people and can visit occasionally and observe their life and growth. The last little kitty is staying here with us. After the big boys wanting to name him Alex, we ended up settling on one of Ben’s suggestions: Shuttle. Ben’s other suggestion was Mimon (rhymes with Simon). We have no idea where that name came from other than its rhyming with Simon, but he was adamant that he wasn’t saying “Simon”. It was definitely Mimon. Anyway, here are the orange brothers….. two of them anyway.

This is George with his new kids.

Gmail - thanks
Uploaded with Skitch!

Gmail - thanks
Uploaded with Skitch!


Here’s Shuttle catching some rays on the deck.
DSC_0008.JPG   DSC_0006.JPG

Tiger Stripes has an appointment for next week to assure that she doesn’t bear any more offspring!

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