The Artist

We have a lot of painted rocks in this house! Wherever we go, Zach has his eyes open for more “perfect” rocks for painting. I often hear, “That’s perfect for a deer!” or “That’s just what I need for a turtle!” When he uses up all of his perfect specimens and we aren’t going on any adventures to collect more, he heads out to the driveway. A few days ago he was out there, in the rain, looking for rocks. I looked out and saw him trying to get one out. The next time I looked he was calling Jaska over. Curious, I watched a while. He showed Jaska the rock, dug a little, and pointed to it again. Sure enough, Jaska started digging and dug it loose enough for Zach to get out!




His latest art project that he has been meticulously working on today is a plate of fruit done using pointillism. I’m sure I’ll be posting a picture of that at some point….. and maybe framing it for the wall!

I almost forgot to mention that Gabe and Zach did the deer together.  Gabe found the rock, so Zach very diplomatically created a situation in which he could be in control, but Gabriel would be happy with the result!  They worked wonderfully together and, under Zach’s watchful eye and guidance, Gabe did some of the painting on the above deer.

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4 Responses to The Artist

  1. el burro says:

    Those are INCREDIBLE! I can’t believe that a just-turned 7 year old could paint those!

  2. Angela says:

    I know! He gets quizzed on them…..”Are you SURE your mom didn’t help you?” “Did she do this part?” etc. etc.

  3. el burro says:

    I can believe it.

  4. grandma betty says:

    beautiful pics on the rocks—what an artiste!!!!!! Maybe we can make Ben’s dream of Arizona come true sometime soon-talk to ya this weekend

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