All the Time in the World


Ben. What can I say about Ben? He’s a goof. He really likes to crack jokes that he knows his big brothers will laugh at. He knows a surprising amount of stuff. He picks up things that I don’t even know he is paying attention to. His big bros teach him lots too. They are always explaining DSC_0021.JPGstuff to him, looking at field guides together, and making sure he calls animals by their proper names.

Tonight at supper Gabriel thanked God for the food. And then we started talking about God. I asked Ben who we were talking to and the ham said, “Ummmmm….. Daddy!” I asked him, “what is something God has done”. He responded, “He made our kittens,” and rather matter-of-factly he added, “he made everything”. (Almost in a “well, duh” tone of voice. ) After another pause he said, “but he doesn’t make pasta,” shoveling another bite of it into his mouth. This got the biggest laugh from the big boys.

Ben’s been talking a lot about “Ay-nih-zona” (Arizona) lately. He asks to go there a lot and asks if there is this or that type of animal living there.

Ben knows that he is two, but he never answers that when asked. His answer ranges anywhere from three to nine and a half. He particularly insists he is a certain age if there is some advantage to being that old at the time.

We’re getting nowhere on the toilet thing, and to be honest, I’m not really trying. (Apart from reminding him every once in a while and getting him to try if he happens to have his pants off anyway.) I’m saving up my sanity and stamina for another worthy attempt sometime in the future. Still, hopefully before he’s three. We’re running out of time. But Ben seems to run by his own clock. He’s got all the time in the world.

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One Response to All the Time in the World

  1. el burro says:

    I love the naked bum running away….

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