It has been the perfect fall for fungi.  We’ve had rain, rain, rain – for all of September, continuing in October.  There have only been a few days in the past month that I’ve been able to use the clothesline and even on some of them I’ve had to whip things off in a hurry. I hurriedly snapped a bunch of mushroom shots this afternoon – in the rain – and if you want to see them all you can see them on Flickr.  There are several different varieties and they are all growing in a small area in the spruce grove next to the house.  It seems like a waste to not know which ones are edible.  I started researching online and got frightened off by this article. However, I might consider purchasing the guy’s book….. and eating wild mushrooms in one to three years!  (As he recommends.)  Also, I’d like to read up on cultivating my own fungus that I know is safe to eat!

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