Grand Scale Bribery

I can’t say I’m entirely sold on my own idea, but I want this kid [Ben] out of diapers before he’s three! I’ve resorted to the largest form of bribery I’ve used to date. Yesterday, at Superstore, I purchased this radio controlled “Lightning McQueen”. So far, I don’t know if it is working. He got off the potty insisting (and crying) that “I did pee and poop” when there was obviously nothing in there.

I’m hoping that it will turn out to be the best $19.98 I’ve ever wasted invested, and all my feelings of doubt (as to my parenting technique) will fly!

The Bribe

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5 Responses to Grand Scale Bribery

  1. megtroy says:

    Our bribe of the moment for the potty is a sour gummy snack. It’s not working.

    Don’t tell Graham about Ben’s cool truck!!! 😉

  2. Angela says:

    I started out much smaller: stickers.

  3. el burro says:

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy end to the diapers.

  4. grandma betty says:

    isn’t it amazing how everything old is new again???? wonderful news about the helper—–please, please,please, do not take on more projects—–did you get your ferritin checked????????? always worried about ya—it’s in my job description—lots of love—ma

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