Only Two Kids!

Sure enough, Zach was back at his comic writing this morning. I approved of him doing it first thing – while I got breakfast ready. After that he had to do some other work before he could return to it. He is on his second page of this story now, and would have worked on it all afternoon had I not suggested taking a break and pulling out his violin! After that Merrie arrived and the kids helped us make salsa. It’s cooking now. Merrie took the big boys home for supper and soccer! I have only two children. The darlings both slept long enough for me to finish the dishes! What a treat. I have a long list of things to tackle in the next little while, before soccer is over, but I may end up just playing with the two little boys that I have here. Since I had to stop and feed Noah I figured I’d squeeze a blog post in as well!

I forgot to mention that Comic Life came bundled with our Intel Mac. I paid the $9.95 USD last night, though, for the deluxe version.

Page One

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4 Responses to Only Two Kids!

  1. Chrissy says:

    Awesome job Zach, keep on writing. You can create some pretty fun “action hero” creepy crawlies I am sure!
    Love Chrissy

  2. thejma says:

    Wow Zach! What a great comic!

  3. Magali says:

    Zach! You did such a good job! Well done! I hope we will be able to see on the blog the continuation of yours comics.

  4. Magali says:

    Oups! My computer connect me on this page of your blog instead of the home page, and I didn’t see that it is an old post! I hope everythings is going well for the whole family.
    Take care

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