The Big 0-5

Gabriel turned five on Friday! It’s hard to believe that we have, not only a seven year old, but a five year old too! Wow. Time flies. It is even harder to believe that in that much time again (which passed at light speed) Zach will be fourteen and Gabe will be twelve.

Gabriel had a great birthday. Daddy arrived in town the night before. Since Uncle Adrian was here I was able to pick Graeme up sans kids. So Gabe woke up to seeing Daddy on his birthday morning. Then we all headed up to camp for the grouse hunt. That evening when he blew out his candles Grandma asked, “What did you wish for?” Uncle Ade warned not to tell or it wouldn’t come true, but he was already answering. “I wish for everything I already got”. Profound.


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2 Responses to The Big 0-5

  1. Robyn says:

    Happy Birthday Gabe! Did you guys get grouse? Daryl took our kids out yesterday but they didn’t even see any! Maybe they’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner…

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