Comic Writers

Tonight I opened up Comic Life and whipped up a comic strip in front of the boys to give them an idea of what they could do. Z and G were both highly entertained. Gabe took a crack at it first. It was laborious for him to type out the words so he didn’t get very far, but he wasn’t put off. He plans to tackle it again tomorrow.

Gabe’s first comic strip.

Next, Zachary got going on it and wouldn’t stop until he had finished one whole page. He wants to start again first thing in the morning. I think this program will be good motivation used as something to look forward to after completing other…. uh… less exciting work.

Zachary’s first comic strip.

This is the most eager I’ve ever seen Zach to write so I’m happy!  Hope it lasts.

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2 Responses to Comic Writers

  1. thejma says:

    What a great program! I’m going to see if I can get it in the beta version (you were right in guessing about the PC)

  2. megtroy says:

    What a sense of humour!

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