Dinner on the Primus

In the middle of cooking supper last night the stove quit. The oven still worked so it was a bit mystifying. The fuses in the stove itself were good. I assumed that if the fuses in the basement in the fuse box were shot the whole range wouldn’t work. My neighbor came over to have a look, but we weren’t able to figure it out. Today I called 1-800-previous-owner and he had the solution. However, since I can’t get the fuses I need until tomorrow, and since the oven didn’t seem to be getting hot enough to cook anything, I pulled out the Primus. I took the partly sautéed onions from last night out to the gazebo and cooked up some clam pasta. It was kind of fun. It made me think of camping. It also made me think of a dear, bush chick friend, who I know loves to cook on her Primus.


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