The Gospel According to Little John

Sometime, maybe tomorrow, I will have a big post about our past week of visiting in Hometown and camping at folk fest. For tonight I want to write down a few things the boys have said before they are forgotten.

At my grandma’s (whom the boys call Nona) I told Ben to say, “Nnnnno-nnnnnnna”. He repeated it very clearly with great n’s, and then said, pointing at Nona, “That guy’s Nona.”

One day while camping we decided that we were all going to go to the festival site. The kids wanted to go to the beach instead and were protesting the plans. As we were loading the van up with kids and necessary gear, either Graeme or I (or both of us) said we wouldn’t be changing our minds so stop bugging about it. We ended up changing our plans and taking them to the beach, where Mom stayed with them while Graeme, Noah, and I went to the festival site. Later that evening we were talking about how during the previous night the wind had been picking up and there was distant thunder. Mom said she had been getting worried. Thinking of the recent tornadoes, I was too. Mom added, “but I prayed the storm away.” Zach said, “Speaking of praying….. that’s why we went to the beach. When you and Daddy said you wouldn’t be changing your minds and left the van….. I prayed. Gotcha there!”

Tonight, happy to be home, the boys asked to listen to the Robin Hood songs. Leading into Not in Nottingham the rooster says, “…..and if you couldn’t pay your taxes you went to jail”. Gabe said, “I wonder if they really did put people in prison”. After a thoughtful pause he added, “Well, we’ll know for sure when we get to it in the Bible”. Oh man, was it hard for me not to laugh hysterically while explaining that the story of Robin Hood is not recorded in the Bible.

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One Response to The Gospel According to Little John

  1. grandma betty says:

    actually———as Zach would say—this story really should be in the Bible—it is a good one about good and evil—anyhooo—I hope the kids keep challenging you with these great little ideas they have—remember Adrian asked me once at the age of 5 what he had to do to get married!!!! it never really changes with kids—more and more surprises–enjoy as it ends quickly–love bet

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