Gearing Up….. Slowly

It’s not long until we head to Hometown to spend a few days before heading to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. When our target leave-the-house date was eight days away I decided to start getting a little bit of packing done each day. We’re four days away. What have I actually accomplished? Thank you for asking. The sleeping bags are stuffed in their sacks and the air mattresses are rolled up. That’s it. And I didn’t even do most of that. Zach stuffed three of the sleeping bags. I did roll all the mattresses, though. Zach and Gabe made many attempts but couldn’t squeeze the air out enough for them to fit in the bags.

I thought I’d share some of my lists that I have made up for trips. I keep them in a binder (along with game instructions, maps to people’s places, restaurant menus, etc.) in a plastic sleeve. As things are packed I can cross them off the list with wipe-off marker.

(Click to download PDF files.)

The “Always” List – (for every trip that involves leaving the house for longer than the day)

Camping Trip Master List

Canoe Trip Food List

Of course, these lists are specifically tailored to our family, but since I have them I thought they might be helpful so I might as well share. Not all of the things are even applicable to us – some are future items – such as the Pelican camera case for whitewater canoe trips. And we don’t have a cell phone or laptop unless Graeme is traveling with us.

Alright, so we haven’t gotten much of the trip stuff ready, but we have collected and observed lots of bugs (more of that in the next post). Gabriel and I have also been having lots of fun on my bike with the Adams Trail-a-bike behind. He loves it! Last year he wasn’t quite tall enough for it. He is now and it’s his favourite part of the days. When Ben and Noah nap we head out and go around the driveway loop and up and down the road. Every few rounds we stop for a listen in the house for waking children. Jaska loves it too. He runs like crazy. He’s really good about not bothering us on the bikes. When he tries I just say “no” and that’s all it takes. Afterward, though, he’s a little wound up and really wants me to play “wild” with him. (I do that every now and then.) But after my out-of-shape body is done with biking on a hot day, it’s the last thing I have energy for! Zach either rides his bike along side, runs, or as he did today, catches butterflies and other insects in a net.

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One Response to Gearing Up….. Slowly

  1. Meagan says:

    Thank you, I love lists!! I have my own camping list that I’ve tweaked over the years too. I’ll try posting it on my blog too, though yours seem much more in depth, and there’s no bannock on mine. 🙂

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