Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

It was a whirlwind trip. On Sunday we went to Hometown. Gabe rode with Graeme in the Mini. I had the other three boys and the dog. The dog whined once for about three seconds and then was quiet again. Noah woke up and started screaming at Borup’s Corners. (What? You’ve never heard of this booming metropolis?) Before I could find a safe place to pull over he had gone back to sleep and slept right to Hometown. Ben slept all the way. Zachary was a quiet passenger. We saw a big black bear. That was the trip there. Very smooth.

It was a cold and rainy weekend but the boys still got lots of time on the John Deere. (The little one that Grandma has for them to drive.) They love it. Ben couldn’t quite grasp that he had to hold his foot down on the “gas” pedal. Jaska had a blast playing with Mom’s dog, Nova. Nova was mean to him for the first few minutes but they worked it out. We stayed at my brother’s where Jaska played with his dog, Sophie. They spent the next day playing. Last night he ran up to the rear end of a skunk and thankfully, didn’t get sprayed. This morning Sophie and Jaska disappeared and for several hours we didn’t know where they were. I know that I really like my dog, but when I thought he might be a goner I realized that I’m even more attached to him than I thought. Both dogs were found by a guy who Dad was welding for in the morning and I had told him about them being missing. I was so relieved.

So it was a big weekend for Jaska with lots of new things for him. He got to play with lots of different dogs, meet some horses, chase a skunk, run away on an “adventure”, ride in the back of a half-ton (with the guy who found him), and be tied up when he got back.

Aside from the fact that it took me about five hours to leave today (that’s after I had the dog back), our trip home went well. (For about two hours of these five hours Zach was enthralled with Google Earth that Grandpa introduced him to.) All four boys and the dog slept for a good chunk of the drive. When they woke up there was some panic in the back seat over a wood tick. It was climbing up the seat near Gabriel and he wouldn’t even try to squish it (a nearly impossible task anyway) because he was scared. He even had a rock to do it with because – well, we always have rocks in the van. Don’t you? Zach was able to help him out, but it kept coming back. We saw several moose. Finally, we stopped at Shabaqua because Noah was getting pretty frantic, and two boys needed an urgent bathroom break. By this point I was questioning my plans to go back to Hometown again soon to go fishing, as I told Dad I would. We’ll see. The lure of fresh walleye and going into a lake (full of turtles and fish) that I haven’t been to since I was a kid might overcome the lure of staying comfortably put at home. The short remainder of the trip home went smoothly. Everyone had a bath and thorough tick check and then off to bed. That’s where I should be.





Getting soaked wet while Mommy is trying to get ready to go.

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2 Responses to Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

  1. Robyn says:

    Hey, you had a good weekend too! Props to you for driving with 4 boys and a dog. 🙂 Cute pics.

  2. Meagan says:

    You look so happy in the picture. Ben loves to get dirty in the sand box too hey? Graham would sleep in there if I let him, I’m sure. Sounds like a good first trip out with Noah.

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