He’s Here! Oh, and Graeme is Too!

[Undoubtedly, more detail about puppy’s first night and day than you want!]

The last time I picked Graeme up at the airport I was late. This is an “issue” now because last night I was early to pick up the puppy. This, in effect, made us on time to pick up Graeme because his flight came in one hour after the puppy. But Graeme’s pretty sure that if I didn’t have to be there for the puppy I would have been late for him. Or worse, if the flights were reversed, I would have left him waiting an hour until we had to get there for the puppy! Anyway, it’s all in good fun.

The boys napped or, at least, rested yesterday afternoon. We ate a late supper, and (here’s the real reason I was early) the boys went outside to play. They were ready to come in the house about forty minutes before I was planning to leave. Rather than undress them all and redress them all (which would have taken nearly forty minutes!) I opted for an early departure. On the way in we stopped to pick up our mail and found a package addressed to “The Three Rodents” from Grandpa Marty. It contained three animal calendars with stickers. The boys got a kick out of Grandpa’s name for them. (Later, Graeme and I got a kick out of finding the note had been written on a torn off piece of a Robin’s Donuts box.) We found the West Jet Cargo area without much difficulty and waited. They had a comfy waiting room with a big window that offered a great view of some of the airport action. Between jets taking off and landing, and finding dates to stick stickers onto in the new calendars, the time passed quickly.

When Jaska was first carried in he was shaking in his crate. As soon as he started to sniff little boys’ fingers his tail started wagging. We hurried him outside in case he had an urgent need to pee. The boys ran around with him on a little patch of grass and he seemed so happy and comfortable right away. He didn’t even seem bothered by some of the louder airport noises. He had some food and water, did his business, and we all piled in the van to go get Daddy. Jaska was on the floor with Gabe holding his leash. As soon as I started the van he seemed nervous and went in the back to Zach. He tried to climb up on his lap, so I got back there and helped him. He nuzzled right up to Zach and stopped whimpering. He rode like that the short distance to the terminal and was ready to fall asleep by the time we got there. Wonder of wonders, Graeme’s flight was on time. (We had to break our no-Air Canada vow since it was the only Airmiles flight available this weekend!) By this point Benji was pretty exhausted, but still a trooper. (It was nearly 10:30 after all.) At first we were pretty much the only ones in there, but once people filed into the baggage area Jaska attracted a lot of attention. In no time Graeme had his bags and we were on our way home.

Ben was easy to plunk right into bed. When he’s tired he doesn’t fight it. Gabriel had a break-down because he wanted a story and he didn’t want to go straight to bed because he wasn’t tired. Yeah…. right! He can’t handle midnight bedtime – nap or no nap. Zach was keeping Jaska occupied while we got kids to where they needed to be. When I was about to put Jaska in his crate he started seeming nervous. I asked Zachary if he would go in there with him for a while. He did and he stayed there for about 15 minutes until Jaska was lying down. Zachary headed up to bed. Graeme and I headed to bed. Between many pee wakings (for me), and restless dreams about puppy needing out, having accidents, or cats climbing up my legs to escape the dog, it was one of those nights that you wish to be over so you can finally get up and get it over with. Meanwhile, Jaska didn’t make a single peep all night. I heard him thump around in the crate at 7:30am. I scooped him up and ran outside and he had a big pee. He’s such a good boy! We all adore him! He didn’t want to come back in so I got dressed warmer and we walked around for a while as the sun rose. He’s very curious, but cautious, about the cats. Samson already took a swipe at him last night.

Moving along….. we have all spent lots of time outside with Jaska today. It seems to be his favourite place to be. He loves to have someone with him, whether he’s inside or out. While we were eating lunch he went into his crate on his own to have a nap. He’s doing amazing for having just left his mom and sisters, and he’s such a good little guy!

Benji just got back from the dump with Graeme. Zach put another layer on his paper maché mountain. Now the three boys, Graeme, and Jaska are watching a movie. I’m thinking about catching a few winks. Very….. sleepy……





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3 Responses to He’s Here! Oh, and Graeme is Too!

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Angie,
    It took everything in me not to call yesterday as I had no internet access…I am so happy he is doing so well.
    The video of course brought tears to my eyes.
    Give Jaska a big hug for me,

  2. Meagan says:

    Oh he’s so adorable!! He looks so happy with your boys too. “Jaska”…the newest member of the family!

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi there. You don’t know me but your hubbie does. Your pictures are beautiful…what an amazing little family he has! I just wanted to write to say hello to Graeme from Melissa Tisi and Roch Tisi. He was in our wedding party back in ’99 and then we lost contact. I hope all is well and that you will pass along our best wishes 🙂

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