Home Sweet Frozen Home

What a day! What a week! It is Saturday and it was one Saturday ago that we left. The week turned out to be very different from what I had envisioned, but it all went well. The boys ended up in Winnipeg with me. Mom was there as well and watched them at the motel the night of the concert. I got to spend that night with my hubby. Graeme got to see the boys briefly at the motel the next night, and we all went out for supper together the night after. On Friday morning we picked up Grandpa at the hospital and had a safe journey back to Hometown. At that point I was still considering a trip to Moose Point, even though our timeline had been stretched. My gut told me to go home since I wasn’t sure that the fuel people had filled my oil tank. The boys were eager to go to Moose Point, but the whole week was busy and long with many late, late nights. On top of that they didn’t sleep great at the motel with city noises, strange beds, and nightmares about giant worms bursting out of the earth wanting to suck our DNA. They were great – great travelers, great visitors, great kids. But Mommy could tell they were in need of some normalcy, some good nights of sleep, and some Mommy lovin’.

We arrived home at 6:30 this evening. I ran in the house without any of the boys. I had to pee so badly that I thought I wouldn’t make it if I started unbuckling and unloading first. What relief. Then I tried to wash my hands and discovered that the water was frozen. After that I found that the oil tank had not been filled, so I’m really glad we came home. To tell the story as quickly as possible – I have some incredible, amazing, awesome neighbors whom I am hugely grateful for. They were fifeteen minutes away from eating supper. They invited us to join them. I dropped off the boys and returned back here with Mr. Z. He got my well open, the ladder down it, and a space heater warming the pump. We emptied the ashes from the wood furnace and I started a fire. We went back to his house to eat and visit. After some time we all came back here to find the water was working! What would I do without them? Mrs. Z. figures I am resourceful enough to have figured it out. I figure that that may be true, but by the time I had figured it out, scrounged up something for the kids and myself to eat, and done it all with the three boys around I may have lost my sanity along the way. Sanity is very valuable, you know. Besides, I’m not so sure I’d fit down that hole into the well with my belly as big as it’s getting!

Now, I have two more boys to get to bed. Yikes…. it’s 10:47! And then, because I’m feeling sweaty, sooty, achy, and tired, I think I might do something I rarely take the time to do – soak in a nice hot bath.

The cats survived the week in the cold – unscathed. The porcupine that we saw the day we left and the day before that either stayed away or the cats stayed away from him. Kitties are very happy to see us.

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2 Responses to Home Sweet Frozen Home

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh the adventures! Thank God for helpful neighbors. Wow. Don’t you dare ever try to go down your well without telling anyone where you are first! Ok? 🙂 Thanks for making time to stop in the other day. It was so fun to see you all again!

  2. Angie says:

    Sound advice. Don’t worry… I don’t think I could get the lid off myself so someone else would have to know.

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