Finally, we were able to spend quite a lot of time playing outside today. It’s been so cold and even today there was a nasty north wind, but it was quite nice when we were sheltered from it. Gabriel found his long lost dragon in the “fort” that we started building when the weather was warmer.


The boys played up in the woodshed while we tried to accustom the cats to the idea of being outdoor cats. (They are getting left outside for a week while we go away!) We’ve made a nice little bed for them up in the wood pile, surrounded by straw, plus they have straw and blankets in the dog house. Tiger Stripes will be fine, but Samson is a pretty big wimp.


I can’t leave Ben out of the pictures. Here he is standing on a pumpkin. Yes, I still have a pumpkin in my house. This pumpkin has been around. It was originally from Hometown, came home to Winnipeg with us, and then moved out here…… and here it still is!

pumpkin boy

We are heading to Hometown in a couple of days where, after a couple of days there, I’ll go to see Graeme and the boys will stay with Mom and Dad. When I get back, if the weather holds (i.e. doesn’t return to last week’s temperatures) we’ll snowmobile into Moose Point! Everyone is excited about that! It will be a fun adventure. It will get us through February – cabin fever month – and close to Graeme’s next visit, puppy’s arrival, warmer weather, and finally, baby Marchuk.

Zachary is definitely anxious for spring and summer. He has all kinds of plans and projects lined up. He’s even prepared the beginnings of some bar graphs in his nature journal to track certain findings. (Maybe I said that already in another post.) He’s been browsing gardening magazines and seed catalogues again, and today he filled a sheet of paper with drawings of things he wants to plant. He was singing songs about it this morning – oh, I wish I could remember the words. I’ll have to ask him tomorrow and write them down. I wonder how many people find inspiration for song writing in The Complete Amateur Naturalist?

Gabriel says he is excited for spring too, but I think his reasons are different. I’m sure he’s thinking of bikes, and lining plastic animals and knights up on the deck, and eating strawberries! And Ben will probably be right there saying, “Wha ’bout meeeeeee, Mommy, wha ’bout meeeee?” That’s his favourite phrase lately.

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