Just a Little Update

It’ll be time to put kids to bed soon. They are all engaged right now. Zach with helping Graeme assemble a chair for Zach’s desk, Gabe with helping Uncle Adrian with a jigsaw puzzle, and Ben playing with the chair parts not yet assembled.

Holidays have been great. Graeme and I had a lovely trip to Banff for a wedding. (Aside from the long flight delay, no luggage, and nearly losing my very expensive camera……) Our time in Banff was fun, relaxing, and it was great to have some time with just the two of us. The boys had a fantastic time in Hometown at Grandpa and Grandma’s. We got back to Winnipeg on the 31st in the aftermath of a foot and a half of snow. Again, my flight was delayed, but Graeme – on Westjet – arrived early. He ran some errands while waiting for me and picked me up with a big platter of homemade perogies, cabbage rolls, and dessert from Andy and Martha’s parents! Wow… thanks. It was delicious! As always, I was veraciously hungry. The drive to Hometown was a little scary on icy roads, but we arrived safely. We went to my brother’s for a New Year bon fire. Zach was still up and we stayed until 2007 just for him. Graeme and I would have been more than happy to leave early and sleep, but Zach was having a riot and really wanted to stay up until the new year.

Back home on January 1st, we visited Graeme’s folks who had arrived at our place the night before with both of Graeme’s brothers. Oh, and we brought the new kitten home from Hometown. It’s been a busy place. It’s just us again (and Adrian). I’m starting to feel sad that there are only a few days left before Graeme leaves. I will miss Adrian too.

new kitty
“Fluffy” – adapting very quickly to his life of luxury!

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