Sickness, Cat Annoyance, and Other Updates

daily picture

Yesterday, shortly after Gabriel made his daily request for a picture of himself with Tiger Stripes (above) he started throwing up. Ben was snotty nosed and not eating. (Not eating even more than the usual not eating that he does.) It didn’t take long before Gabe was asking for food and keeping it down. He didn’t request the next photo.

sick on the couch

By the evening he had perked up a lot. Ben woke up this morning sounding horrible. Once he went down for a nap I decided to have a quick shower. Not quick enough. When I came out he had thrown up, was crying with an unrecognizable voice, fiercly wheezing. I was really scared and he looked scared too. My plan was to get out of my towel, into my clothes, and take him to the hospital. I’ve never taken any of the kids to the hospital when they’ve been sick, but this scared me, probably moreso because we are not right beside a hospital anymore. Anyway, with my helpers, Gabe and Zach, we read him books in the bathroom with the hot shower running and that seemed to help. For the rest of the day we set the vaporizer up wherever he was. He only slept a few minutes while propped up on me. Now he has been sleeping for four and a half hours. I’m keeping him in my room so I can listen to his breathing all night. The humidity level in my room is about the same as a tropical rain forest. It seems to be working! In the meantime, Zach has barely eaten all day and has had a few false alarms over the bucket. He has a headache. I’m sure he is feeling queasy or he would have eaten, but I think it might be partly in his head, too.

I’m sure glad that kids seem to rebound from these things so fast. Gabriel was great today. And for his daily picture request……

gabe and TS

On a day that I could have felt terribly isolated and alone and helpless, our new neighbor made sure that wasn’t the case. She offered to watch kids – while I ran errands, while I took one to the hospital, whatever. When I decided to stay put, she picked up some things in town for me, and reminded me to call if I needed help with anything. I am so thankful for this support! What an amazing difference it makes.

As for the cat, it took one week for her to start annoying me. For anyone who knows my love for cats you will be impressed. I was. Now she has taken to attacking my feet and legs wherever I go. I don’t know how many times I’ve nailed her unintentionally. She doesn’t seem to care. One good thing is her litter box is out of the house and she is seeming to like the outdoors a little more all the time. I’m sure the unseasonable warmth helps. It is 10 ° right now – after 10pm.

The last few things to mention quickly:

– I used the hot tub for the first (and only) time on Sunday evening. I turned it down so I won’t bake the baby. It was fantastic, and I sure hope to use it more once kids are healthy and house is all settled. I find it hard to relax when there are still boxes to unpack or things to rearrange.

– We were able to video chat (iChat) on the weekend while Paisley was in Kelowna. The boys thought it was really neat to talk to their dad like that. Ben was completely confused at first. Especially since he’d just broken down in tears to find that daddy’s voice coming from the entry way was just in the speakers that are hooked up to the computer. By the second time he had warmed up to the idea, though I’m sure he is still totally confused, and was telling his own stories in his own dialect. Graeme will hopefully have his own camera by the end of the week so we can do that all the time.

– Graeme is coming home for Christmas!!!!

– Last but not least, Zach is growing crystals from a kit he got for his birthday. I couldn’t get a good close-up shot without my little camera and its macro feature, but here’s one anyway.

topaz crystals
(From an Ein-O’s Box Kit – definitely better than any of the home ingredients crystal experiments we’ve done so far. Except maybe the pipecleaner snowflake…. I’ll post that soon…. especially for you, Bonnie!)

I hope you made it to the end without being bored out of your mind!

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