There Isn’t a Big Enough “Thank You”!

Here we are, at last, in our new house in the country. Before the big moving day I was thinking about what I’d blog (as I often do) and I was going to make a list of “things I won’t do”. I was going to say how I won’t move again until I can afford packers and movers, and while that may be true, for this move I would have missed out on the heart touching generosity that has become one of the best memories of the move. During the week leading up to the move I often mumbled to God “give me strength”. At the end of the week when I truly thought I had no strength left, strength came – in other people. On Friday it was my mom and brother who drove two vehicles up from Hometown. My brother who loaded a huge amount of stuff into the horse trailer. My Mom who drove the Ryder rental truck back to my house (since I, though embarrassed to admit, cannot drive standard). On Friday evening it was my friend Robyn who brought soup and buns and delicious apple brownies for supper. On Saturday it was my dear friend Paisley who brought us all coffee before anyone arrived, who carried boxes and furniture, and who took my boys to the river and the Forks for at least a couple of hours while all the guys loaded the truck. It was six men from Oxford Bible Church, people I hardly know – only recently met – who gave so generously of their time and muscle. It was Andy who helped load, and later his beautiful family with sticker books and treats for the boys for the trip. This was the strength I prayed for. And it bolstered my own strength to press on in that final day of leaving the old house.

As we drove away from the city it all seemed surreal. The morning was such a blur, so much had happened, so much accomplished, and I could hardly believe we were leaving. It felt as though I was driving out of a dream. As I replayed the morning in my mind I was moved to tears thinking of the friends who helped. Thank you to you all! We couldn’t have done it without you!

The thanking doesn’t end there. In Hometown, Kyla had our kitten ready. Grandma (Nona) had risotto and salad and ham and chicken and corn for us to eat. Grandpa helped and, of course, had home-made bread for the meal and a loaf for the road. Oh, and a bucket of Rice Krispie squares. We got to our new place at what would have been 2:00am Eastern Time, but because of daylight savings we didn’t lose an hour as we crossed time zones. We brought in a few necessities and crashed on camping mattresses. The boys all shared a room with me. At 9:00am people (including my sister) started arriving to help with unloading. Again, I was (and am) so touched by all the generous help. Not only muscle, but food was sent, drinks, flowers, homemade bread, cookies with bucket decorated by children’s art…….. the list goes on. In no time at all the truck was unloaded, and my brother headed all the way back to Winnipeg with it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you everyone! Thank you, Mom, for staying all this week and helping get my house unpacked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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One Response to There Isn’t a Big Enough “Thank You”!

  1. Robyn says:

    How wonderful!!! I’m so glad you’re trip went well. Take care, and I’ll email soon.

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