What a Week

Selling a house is not fun. This has been the most stressful week I can ever remember having. I have had worse weeks, but none more stressful! We had an offer on our house before it was even listed, but by all we had heard of the market, and by the realtors expectations, we thought it was much too low. Ironically, after a week of showing the house, dropping the price twice, and having no offers, we ended up selling it to the people who made the original offer. The bad news: they offered even lower at this point, taking advantage of our position. We either had to take it or leave it and pull our house off the market, losing our deal in Thunder Bay. We took it. The lesson in it for me was, one, not to be greedy, and two, not to flat out reject offers without taking a little bit of time to consult God for wisdom on the decision. Had we taken the offer as it orginally stood we would have made more money, we wouldn’t have had to do the repairs we ended up doing, and we wouldn’t have had to clean the house and keep it clean for a whole week. (No easy task with these three boys!) Anyhow, we are all relieved that it is over with and very excited to know that in three weeks we’ll be living in the country! I was getting depressed thinking about being here for November and December without Graeme. Being there, settling into a new place, playing outdoors, playing with new kittens (next story), and all else, the time will fly by with amazing speed.

Last weekend we were visiting in Hometown and my sister’s cat, Toyota (my favourite cat ever), was more affectionate than usual. As I picked her up I thought she felt pregnant. It was definitely the feeling of a pregnant cat’s belly. When we returned to the house I asked Mom if Toyota had been spayed and she said “yes”, so I thought nothing more of it other than the cat must have just eaten a gluttonous meal. Joanna called me last night to excitedly tell me that her cat is pregnant, has not been spayed, and we can pick out a kitten. So the plan is, Gabe has already picked out an orange kitten at Kyla’s aunts, and Zach gets to pick one of Toyota’s. Now if Graeme reads this he will know my plan to get two cats. They are going to be outdoor cats. They need each other to keep warm!

I have two boys in the tub that need to be washed up. Now that I can carry on with the rest of my life I should be blogging more, so please start coming back for fresh material! I’ll try to get pictures up soon, too.

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One Response to What a Week

  1. Robyn says:

    Yeah for you!!!! I’m glad you are relieved of the headache of trying to sell your house. Yes, come on Thursday, the coffee will be on! Feel free to call Martha too.

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