Bug Phenomenon

As I mentioned in my post last night, the bugs were swarming in the cabin. I returned to my cabin to discover I had left on my lamp and the bathroom light. The bugs blanketed the screen, buzzed around the lamp, drowned in my water. This morning when the boys got out of bed they immediately noticed the hundreds of dead bugs on the bathroom floor, the sink, the tub. There was a pile on an end table under a lamp in Donna’s cabin that I wish I had gotten a picture of before someone wiped them away. It reminded me of two summers ago when I was working here. I had made a surprise trip to Winnipeg to see Graeme. On the way back I was driving to Savant in the dark and it looked like snow in the headlights, the insects were so thick. It was the one night only. Upon returning to camp I heard stories that occurred on the same evening when my brother and other staff were returning to camp from Bell Lake by boat. They couldn’t keep their eyes open the bugs were so thick. Again, it was only the one night. I wondered why I had never seen such a thing before, but it must be a one night hatch in which they all see the world with adult eyes for a few hours, mate, lay eggs, and die. Some life. And if you happen to miss that one night a year when it happens you would never know. Sure enough, tonight there are none of the pesky little fliers to be seen. I just thought it was interesting so I decided to share!

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One Response to Bug Phenomenon

  1. Alisa says:

    That reminds me of the night hundreds of collosal beetles, lured by the porch light, stormed the metal screen on the back door. A terrifying twang followed by the crunching sound when we tried to walk down the drive the next morning.

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